Dermapen 4


What is Dermapen?

The Dermapen is the pioneer of microneedling systems and, thanks to its patented needle cartridge system, has become the market leader in this field. The Dermapen 4 is a medical device and can thus not be compared to the devices used in the cosmetics industry.

The Dermapen 4 vertically pierces the skin with its needles, thereby creating millions of fine micro-injuries, through which up to 80% more nutrients can enter the skin when compared to conventional application.


The Dermapen 4 treatment can be applied in areas that are not easily accessible, such as the eyes, eyelids, earlobes, nose or lips, as well as in extensive areas such as the neck, décolleté, stomach, legs or stretch marks. In most cases, there is hardly any bleeding and the patient only experiences minimal pain. Micro-needling can induce natural healing in the body and can repair the skin surface through the production of collagen and elastin.


Treatment areas


Dermapen 4 treatments are fast, safe and can achieve optimal results. The application can be as effective as laser treatment, IPL, ablative lasers or chemical peelings – but without the side effects or subsequent downtime of these treatments. Thanks to my combination with collagen or other products, it can be expected that any redness from the treatment will hardly be visible the following day.

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