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What is Algeness®?

Algeness® is a 100% natural and biodegradable product. It is suitable for all patients seeking a high-quality, anti-allergenic and very safe dermal filler.

Algeness® consists of purified agarose gel (polysaccharides), is completely biocompatible with the human body and does not contain any crosslinked synthetic chemicals (BDDE). This way, Algeness® can be completely and safely absorbed by the body over time.


Algeness® offers excellent tolerability and biocompatibility, with insignificant immunological reactions in most cases.

Depending on the body part, the duration of the treatment is 20–30 minutes. There is no need to factor in downtime; generally, patients go about their everyday tasks straight after having undergone the treatment.

The effect of Algeness® lasts up to 12 months, depending on the patient, the injection quantity and the depth of injection.

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“What you see is what you get!”

Thanks to its molecular and biophysical structure, as well as its exceptional microinjection and massage technology, Algeness® delivers immediate results. It does not migrate through the tissue or change its form. The agarose gel thus ensures natural facial expressions.

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